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rtmp to android? not possible

Android can not play RTMP directly using the default Chrome mobile browser, as Flash plugin is required to play RTMP in browser (available only on PC).

There are 2 solutions:

  1. Build an app that plays RTMP stream.
  2. Transcode and deliver stream using a format that plays in Chrome mobile browser, like MPEG DASH or WebRTC.

RTMP is still used quite a bit by broadcasting application and hardware, such as Wirecast and OBS.

It’s not widely used for end delivery anymore, though. As viewing RTMP streams pretty much requires a flash plugin, and most modern browsers have (or are) dropping support for it, other solutions are the norm today.

HTTP live streaming is widely used because it uses existing CDN:s for delivery, and plays natively on smartphones – which is a huge selling point today. In 2018 52% of all web traffic was through mobile phones.

Transcoding and MPEG DASH, WebRTC delivery is possible with Broadcast Live Video solution.

RTMP stream can be published with an external encoder (including mobile apps like Wowza GoCoder) and played back over MPEG DASH or WebRTC in Android